Ron’s House


In the original Halloween, the Strode House is the home of Jamie Lee Curtis’s character Laurie Strode. Fans of the movie still visit the house in South Pasadena where Ron has lived for years, and are welcomed year-round with pumpkins.


  1. Hi Ron! Your old (now) student Mark Blocker. You remain one of my most important teachers and mentors. Instead of boring you with a long note, you can at your convenience visit my blogs ( and Blocker’s Blog ( Life is treating you well!


  2. Another “old” student from around ’80 give or take form PCC. How the hell are you? Hope you are well. Drop me a line. Have started writing a little again and have been thinking of you for months.



  3. I Know what it says on the chair with the pumpkins it says, Yes, this is the scene of the 1978 halloween with Jaime Lee Curtis were filmed here you may borrow the pumpkin”


  4. Yep, another student from your PCC class (Fall 75 or Spring 76). Enjoyed your class! If I remember right, you had a knack with ponies, too. Here’s some of my art and writing you may like:
    And I agree with you, Ron. There is something out there.
    Check out my stuff.


  5. Thanks for being so welcoming Ron! I can’t wait to step up on your porch, grab a pumpkin, and stroll to the corner doing my best Jamie Lee and get a pic! The fans really appreciate you for doing this and for accepting the history of your gorgeous house and I hope everyone has been respectful of your privacy!



  6. I liked your poem today on Writer’s Almanac. Found out you are from Olney. I was just down in Newton visiting my aunt and cousin. AG Olney was not a fav of mine.


  7. Hey Ron, I saw you across the room the other night at LA Library, but by the time I was moving in that direction you’d disappeared. Wanted just to say hi after all these decades, thinking about our day at Hllywd Park lately what with the Park closing. Really like what you’ve written on the home page. Ain’t it true! Ken Funsten (


  8. Huge, huge fan of all your books. I regularly think of some of the book scenes, even though it’s been years since I read them. I really like Mr. Palmer from the Harmony Arms – how he gave orange slices to people, and how Tess helped him walk from the pool and asked him about physical culture. I buy all of your new books, too.


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